Key Persons Involved in Writing a Will in Singapore

When it involves making plans for his or her price range, many individuals in Singapore cast off writing a will due to the fact they accept as true with it to be a complex rely. Indeed, a valid will calls for compliance to technicalities and cautious usage of complex terminology and phrases. As with all different felony files, carelessly written wills can motive misunderstandings which may additionally, in flip, lead to disputes some of the beneficiaries.

In this text, we test the basic constructing blocks of a will, i.E., the important thing men and women concerned in writing a will in Singapore:


A testator refers to the person who owns the property to be disbursed upon his/her passing. In accordance to Singapore regulation, each person over 21 years vintage could have a will written on his/her behalf, however folks that are 35 years old and above are typically those who desires a will the most, particularly if they are married with youngsters. This is due to the fact, in addition to commands on the way to distribute their wealth, testators can also call the legal guardians of their youngsters. In different words, parents can make plans to make sure that their children are looked after through the circle of relatives participants they opt for.


Beneficiaries are people who stand to get hold of monetary and/or non-financial profits while a testator passes. Beneficiaries can be absolutely everyone, which include, however now not restricted to, minors, spouses, businesses (e.G. – charity), strangers, illegitimate youngsters, and so forth. According to the Ministry of Law Public Trustee’s Office in Singapore, the inheritance of beneficiaries who are also minors – inclusive of dependent youngsters – will not be disbursed directly to them. Instead, such inheritance might be held in agree with for them till they reach at the least 18 or 21 years antique, relying on the character of the cash they inherited.


Executors talk to the individuals who are entrusted with the duty of dispensing the wealth of the deceased in accordance to the will. The testator can appoint as many executors as he/she wishes, and everybody from expert executors certified by means of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to the beneficiaries of the need can be the executors. However, before making any plans, do take word that there are prison regulations in Singapore that need to be adhered to, which includes:

Executors ought to be above 21 years old.
Executors have to financially-sound, i.E. – no longer be bankrupt.
Executors should be of sound mind.

The position of a witness is to testify that the testator is acting rationally and isn’t under duress when signing the will. Hence, when writing a will in Singapore, it’s far essential to notice that at least 2 witnesses ought to be present when the testator symptoms the desire.

There aren’t any unique profession necessities to being a witness. However, there are different requirements that a witness should comply to, including:

1. A witness cannot be a beneficiary.

2. A witness can’t be the partner of a beneficiary.

3. Mentally sound and capable witnesses are favored.

4. A witness cannot be a creditor.

5. A witness cannot be the partner of a creditor.

6. An executor can also be a witness (supplied that he/she is not a beneficiary).

Will creator

As the call indicates, will writers are the experts that takes on the responsibility of writing a clear and error-free will to make sure that the needs of the deceased are blanketed by means of the regulation and are honoured upon the passing of the testator. Many turn away from hiring a professional due to the fact they may be underneath the impression that it would be luxurious but that might not be true in the long run. After all, hiring a will author means that there is a smaller opportunity for rewrites. Moreover, a well written will can be greater low cost than one may think. The price of a will depends on its complexity.

Some independent financial advisory corporations also provide will writing offerings to their clients and is a convenient one-forestall centre for testators. In addition to helping a testator write a will professionally, they can also help plan for and/or manipulate the testator’s price range and insurance insurance.

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